When I created this site I lived in the California Central Valley. This valley sits in a bowl which catches the smog from the surrounding cities and automobile exhaust as well as the smoke from the farmers burning crop debris. A moritorium was passed which required the homeowner to ask permission to burn in his or her fireplace. As a result, I replaced my wood burning fireplace insert with a gas insert and had firewood that I would not be burning. This got me thinking....

I have since moved to the small town of Shingletown in Northen California.  Here I heat my house with a wood burning stove, however I still find a few unique pieces of firewood to make something.  Looks like we are going to have a White Thanksgiving for 2010.




Most of the items I make are designed to hold military challenge coins.  Visit this link "Military Challenge Coins" for one of the stories on how this tradition got started.